Our Teachers

Angela Ashby

Angela works with our 2 year olds and loves watching them learn and explore the world around them! She is married and is a mom to an energetic little boy. She loves camping, reading, and cooking! Her dream vacation is to go to New York City. Her greatest wish for children is to live a life of happiness, comfort and to achieve anything they put their mind to.

Austin Davis

Austin is our director’s assistant and helps with licensing paperwork and marketing. She is married and is a mom to two little ones that keeps her super busy. She loves playing soccer, being outside, and Mexican food. Her favorite vacation is to Disneyland and the beach. She loves to take care of children and has been working with us for about 10 years.

Bernadette Frey

Bernadette teaches in our preschool class and loves to watch them learn and grow. She was born in New York and has 2 sisters. She loves movies, watching tv, and Diet Coke. Her favorite thing about living in Utah is the beautiful scenery!

Heidianne Goble

Heidianne teaches in our preschool class along with Ms. Laura. She loves watching them learn and grow and wishes for them to enjoy learning and build confidence in themselves. She enjoys hiking, reading, horseback riding and exploring. Her dream job would be working on a farm!

Katie Goble

Katie attends Viewmont High and joins our preschool class after school. Her dream vacation is to go to Lake Powell and she loves to spend time with her family. Her favorite thing about Utah is the sunsets. Her favorite thing about working with children is how they can just brighten your day.

Emerald Haycock

Emerald works with our 3 year olds. She loves all the funny things that they say! Emerald attended Ready-Set-Grow when she was younger and we are so excited to have her back! She loves to read, make jewelry, and act. Her dream job would be something in the medical field. Her greatest wish for children is for them to grow up happy and healthy!

Courtney King

Courtney works with our little ones and loves their kind and cheerful smiles. She would love to become a mother herself and wishes for all children to feel loved and accepted. She loves drawing and living in Utah for all 4 seasons.

Lauren Leatham

Lauren works with our youngest class and loves their loving personalities and seeing their imaginations grow. Her greatest wish for all children to have a fun and happy childhood She loves to design characters and would someday like to create a fantasy or Sci-fi comic series.

Becca McMurray

Becca works with our youngest class and loves how funny they are! She is currently attending the U of U and would love to be a math or chemistry teacher. Becca loves art, dancing, and science experiments. Her dream vacation is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Nora Richards

Nora opens the daycare and prepares breakfast every morning. She enjoys reading, and spending time with her family. She is a mother to 7 children, a grandma to 9 grandchildren, and a great-grandma to 5 little ones. If there is a reason to party, she will find it. She wishes for every child to be loved and to have joy in their lives.

Laura Smoot

Laura teaches preschool and loves the children in her class. Teaching preschool is her dream job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! She loves to read and learn about all different kinds of topics. She loves being a grandma, scrapbooking, and biking. Her dream vacation would be to go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Christel Stull

Chris is the director and loves working with her amazing staff and all of the children. She is a mom to two great kids and a grandma to 2 little ones! She loves to scrapbook and take pictures. Her greatest wish for all children is for every child to have a safe, happy home. Her favorite thing about Utah is the mountains and the different seasons.

Mystery Taintor

Mystery teaches in our 3-year-old class and enjoys watching the children discover new things and use their imagination. Mystery is a fabulous mom to a busy little boy and loves being an aunt to her nieces and nephews. She loves reading, watching movies, and camping. Her greatest wish for children is for them to have a childhood that they love and enjoy.

Isabella Turner

Bella works with our two youngest classes and loves how friendly and creative they are and how they give you new perspectives. She currently attends Bountiful High and would love to be an adoption social worker when she is older. She loves to play the violin, musical theater, and modeling. Her greatest wish for all children is to be whatever they want to be and to keep on imagining!

Alexis Yarrington

Lexi works with our school aged kids and loves how working with children reminds her of how amazing and exciting the world can be. She was born in Portland and is married and has a beautiful daughter. She loves singing, cooking, and traveling. She also loves hiking and that is one of the things she loves about Utah is all the places to explore.

Continuing Education: 

Each of our staff members obtain their Food Handlers Permit from Davis County Health Department, the teachers over the age of 18 are also CPR/First Aid certified. Annually the state of Utah requires that we receive 20 hours of child care related training, this allows us to continue to provide the best care for your children.

Pick Up

Each day we drop off and/or pick up to 6 different elemantary schools in Davis county. 

state certified & insured

We are State Certified and Insured.  We care about the safety of your child!

4meals & snacks

An apple a day...plus quite a few tasty items!  See what healthy snacks and meals your child will be eating.

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