Our Teachers

Brianna Bothell

Brianna works with us in the afternoons and has such a sweet personality! She is currently attending school at Viewmont High. Her favorite thing about Utah are the mountains and enjoys hiking them. She also enjoys playing sports and taking pictures. Her dream is to become a scientist and to travel the world. Her greatest wish for all children is for them to want to learn, feel important, and to grow up on a loving environment.

Catherine Bothell

Catherine fills in different classes, so she knows and loves all the children. She attends Viewmont High School. She enjoys swimming, playing the ukulele, and loves to play with her dog, Cookie. She would like to be a talk show host or sports announcer. Her biggest wish for children is for them to feel important.

Kate Dastic

Kate works with our 3-year-old children, helping them with homework and listening to them talk about their days. She was born in California and has two sisters and one brother. She is happy all the time and is so fun to be around. And she LOVES Mexican food.

Austin Davis

Austin helps in the office and oversees our social media pages. She is married and is a mom to a cute little girl that keeps her super busy. She loves playing soccer, being outside, and Mexican food. Her favorite vacation is to Disneyland and the beach. She loves to take care of children and would love to be a school teacher.

Lyndsie Hankins

Lyndsie works with our two youngest classes. She loves to watch them learn and grow and her greatest wish for them is to feel loved. She is from California and loves to scrapbook and go camping. She is a mom to one adorable little girl. Her dream vacation is to anything Disney!

Marissa Hart

Marissa works with our kindergarten class and loves working with the kids! Marissa is married and is a mom to a fun, energetic little boy. She loves to go camping, boating, and hiking. Her favorite thing about living in Utah is the 4 seasons! Her dream vacation would be to Rome.

Brooke Hayford

Brooke helps in the preschool class and loves what the children teach her. Brooke enjoys archery and the beautiful Utah mountains. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother and would love to be a special education teacher. Her greatest wish for children is to have a loving family who can provide them with the essentials they need.

Mystery Marcantelli

Mystery teaches in our 3-year-old class and enjoys watching the children discover new things and use their imagination. Mystery is a fabulous aunt who loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews. She loves reading, watching movies, and camping. Her greatest wish for children is for them to have a childhood that they love and enjoy.

Kamee McClure

Kamee teaches the 3-year-old class and loves the little ones here at Ready-Set-Grow. She attends Weber State University and would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up and work with exotic animals. Her hobbies include drawing and hiking. The most rewarding thing about working with children for her is causing smiles on the children’s faces.

Kelsee McClure

Kelsee spends time with different classes. She loves playing with the children outside. She attends Bountiful High School and would like to be a mechanic when she is older. She enjoys gardening, hiking, and loves the scenery in Utah. She wishes for every child to fulfill their greatest dream.

Makayla Parker

Makayla works with our 3-year old’s and loves how fun and energetic they are! She is currently attending Woods Cross High School, where she is part of the track team. She is the oldest in her family and has 3 brothers. She plays the piano, violin, drums, and many other instruments and would love to become a music teacher.

Nora Richards

Nora opens the daycare and prepares breakfast every morning. She enjoys reading, and spending time with her family. She is a mother to 7 children, a grandma to 9 grandchildren, and a great-grandma to 3 little ones. If there is a reason to party, she will find it. She wishes for every child to be loved and to have joy in their lives.

Destiny Simpson

Destiny joins us in the afternoon. She is currently attending Bountiful High and would love to become a FBI agent. She loves to dance and would love to travel to Amsterdam! Her favorite part of working with children is watching them grow and the fun that they bring into your life!

Laura Smoot

Laura teaches preschool and loves the children in her class. Teaching preschool is her dream job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! She loves to read and learn about all different kinds of topics. She loves being a grandma of 9 darling children, scrapbooking, and biking. Her dream vacation would be to go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Christel Stull

Chris is the director and loves working with her amazing staff and all the children. She is a mom to two great kids and a grandma to the cutest little girl! She loves to scrapbook and take pictures. Her greatest wish for all children is for every child to have a safe, happy home. Her favorite thing about Utah is the mountains and the different seasons.

Elle Wersland

Elle works with us in the afternoons! She is currently attending Bountiful High School and would love to become a fashion designer. She loves working with children because they love you just how you are and are just full of happiness! She loves to go hiking and to hang out with her family and friends!

Continuing Education: 

Each of our staff members obtain their Food Handlers Permit from Davis County Health Department, the teachers over the age of 18 are also CPR/First Aid certified. Annually the state of Utah requires that we receive 20 hours of child care related training, this allows us to continue to provide the best care for your children.

Each day we drop off and/or pick up to 7 different elemantary schools in Davis county. 

We are State Certified and Insured.  We care about the safety of your child!

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