Pricing and Rates

Prices displayed below are per week. Prices are subject to change.

Age Range Full Time Part Time         
2yr olds $155.00/week          $115.00/week    
3yr olds $135.00/week $110.00/week         
4yr olds $130.00/week $100.00/week  
Kindergarten $120.00/week $80.00/week  
School Age* $85.00/week $60.00/week  
Non-School Days*
$130.00/week $100.00/week  


* "School age" is for children who are in 1st - 6th grade.
* "Non-School days" is any Monday - Friday that school aged children are not in school.

No more tv re-runs!  You and your child will love our summer programs

We know how precious your children are to you; our teachers really do care about each child.