Preschool is a vital part of the development of a child

The first step is to decide what type of preschool matches your child’s personality and the parenting style they are used to.  While traditional preschools are extremely popular, there are some alternate options worth evaluating.  One style growing in popularity is play-based schools.  The basis is that learning is more easily achieved if it’s more enjoyable.  Supporters of this type of school feel that it helps children develop a love of learning.  It achieves this with less structure by using activities with specific focuses on certain areas.  These activities will allow the children to learn more while nurturing creativity.  As a result of the children doing more activities and less quiet studying, they will be more comfortable socially.

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Many people still prefer a more traditional preschool.  The feeling is it will better prepare the children for the adjustment when starting elementary school. Supporters feel the structure will help keep their children focused and won’t be distracted by the more chaotic atmosphere with play-based curriculum.

Picking the right school can be a difficult challenge

Curriculum is only part of finding the right fit.  Each school will develop their own style and personality.  Another attribute some parents look for is religious principles being incorporated into the lessons.  Former Baywatch stars David Charvet and Brooke Burke decided to switch their young daughter to a new preschool for this exact reason.  The couple felt that while their daughter was happy in her old school, the new school would be a better choice for their family by incorporating their personal beliefs into the curriculum.

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The biggest factor in establishing the school’s personality is the teachers.  In order to make sure a student will mesh with the teachers, there are some different steps that can be taken.  The first is for the parents to meet with each teacher.  During the meeting, it’s good to be casual but make sure to find out the philosophies of each teacher.  For example, finding out how they deal with disruptions. Getting answers to as many questions as possible will give the parents more information to make a better decision.

How do you know which preschool is the right fit?

Once the list of potential schools has been narrowed down, doing research is vital.  Use social media to find people who have had children attend the school and what they thought.  Search for reviews on the internet.  This will provide valuable insight into the schools being considered.

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Once the choice has been narrowed to a small number of schools, call to schedule a time you and your child can go to the school. Watch how your child interacts with the teachers and other students. While this won’t provide any data to analyze, it should give you either a positive or negative feeling which is invaluable.  By taking the proper steps, a child can be matched to a great school that will form the foundation for years of education.

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