Crystal B. - 2017

My son has been in and out of Ready Set Grow since he was 6 weeks.  I've been here and there with daycares and not one of them matches the great work that RSG does!!  My son is now 10 and LOVES going there.  He has friends and he enjoys the teachers and wants to be there. That is a huge deal for my son.  Ms Chris is the glue that holds that place together.  She works with me and my son when there is an issue and she is on top of it all the time!!  I love RSG and would recommend it to anyone seeking a great place for their little ones.

Kathryn C. - 2017

As a working parent, one of the single most important, and hardest tasks, is finding quality day care for your child. When I first went back to work after having my son, I enrolled him in what I thought would be wonderful day care. It was new and close to home. But every day that I dropped him off I just felt uneasy. The child to teacher ratio seemed high, there were no structured activities, and staff seemed to change every week. I knew my child was 'safe' but was he taken care of? At only 2 years old he was hardly in a position to communicate to me his feelings about the situation so I had to trust my instinct and began looking for another option.

Through word of mouth and a few online searches I found Ready Set Grow. Ironically it was just as close to home and had been part of our community for decades. I made an appointment with their director and visited the facility with my son and immediately felt a sense of peace. Kids were happy, teachers were teaching, classrooms were filled with walls covered in art projects and seasonal decor.

Fast forward 2 years. My son actually looks forward to going to 'school' where he knows his teachers love him and he has made great friends. The facility is clean, staff is always smiling and engaged with the children, meals are well rounded, and they always offer a fun array of activities and field trips. Ready Set Grow has been more than a day care for our family. It is a school, an experience, and offers a Mom the peace of mind she needs knowing that someone else is loving her baby when she can't be there. Ready Set Grow has been instrumental in our son's development both academically and socially. We cannot thank Ms Chris and her staff enough

AnDe B. - 2017

Our children have been going to Ready Set Grow for over two years and we couldn't be happier with our experience there. It was important to us to find a daycare that was structured but still allowed our kids to be kids. The teachers are warm and engaging. They provide creative and educational activities for the kids and everyday our kids come home excited to tell us about their day. We appreciate the individualized attention our children are given and know that they are as safe and loved at daycare as they are at home.

Marie M. - 2017

As a parent it's heartwarming and amazing to see how much my 2 boys have grown, matured and learned at ready set grow. They've learned so much from educational lessons to life lessons here at this amazing daycare/ learning center. My two boys enjoy returning each day, to see what fun new exciting event awaits them. The teachers are great, they have so much patience and love for the kids, and that gives me peace as a parent leaving them there each day. The director is one amazing woman, I couldn't be happier with the person they choose to lead and guide this facility. Thank you so much for always caring, protecting, and teaching my boys each day they return to Ready Set Grow. It's been a great experience.

Lee C. - 2017

I understand that choosing a daycare/preschool is a very difficult decision as a parent. You want to make sure your child is loved, safe, and taught the proper things. Ready Set Grow has been absolutely phenomenal in taking care of our son. He is loved by all the staff and in turn he cares deeply about his teachers and friends.

Ready Set Grow does an excellent job with their curriculum, activities, and summer program. I cannot say enough good things about their summer program in which my son gets to experience more in the summer than most kids do all year. He has been to Tracey Aviary, capital building, swimming, splash pad, red butte gardens, zoo, and many other places.

My wife and I both work as accountants, so we are extremely grateful that during the school year our son gets all his homework done, reading done, and gets to lots of physical play time. This way we can enjoy dinner together as a family without the worry of homework completion. We have had zero issues with discipline from our son or other kids. The teachers do a great job of making sure kids are safe, respectful and happy.

Finally, if you are looking for a daycare Ready Set Grow is the best option in Davis County/ Bountiful Area. The staff has even attended our son’s sporting events and lifetime events on their own time. Don't let a few ridiculous 1 star reviews let you think this place is anything but stellar! 5 Stars with zero doubt or hesitation.

Our son has been attending Ready Set Grow for 6yrs. It is going to be an extremely sad day when he gets old enough he won't need to be here.

Sarah F. - 2014

So an update to my first review. We've been using RSG now for almost 6 years! (*weep*). We have 2 kiddos there and there is so much I love about them.

1. Teachers are kind and loving, but also know how to set boundaries for the kids
2. The kids know the boundaries and consequences if they choose to test those boundaries
3. I talk to the teachers/director EVERY day. About anything and everything. Ideas are exchanged, not just told to me.
4. Transportation to local schools for after school care is so fabulous. Working in SLC and living in Bountiful, I was so happy I didn't have to worry about transportation.
5. The summer program is a total bargain and the kids love it. I love that they do things like nature hikes, fishing, as well as museums and swimming pools. The younger kiddos get to go on mini-adventures around the center too, so it's not just the big kids that get to have a fun summer.
6. Homework time for school kids. The kids get a chance to work on their homework while at the center, which is a huge bonus for us.
7. Lunches/snacks. I have a picky eater. He refuses anything that grew from a plant. They still have him try it...and sometimes, it's just a miracle they got him to lick it! It's better than what I can accomplish at home.
8. And most importantly, my child feels loved. When I asked my child who he wanted to invite to his birthday party, he wanted me to invite his teachers. It's such a great feeling knowing that your child is loved and cared for.
I highly recommend this daycare/preschool. It's much more to us than a daycare at this point in our lives.

Brandi H. - 2014

This has been a great daycare center.We had tried multiple daycare centers in the area until recommended to Ready Set Grow. My kids both love going, and in fact sometimes ask to go at times I don't need care for them. We have been using them for 7 years and the staff turnover rates are very low and we have never had an issue with any of the teachers.They have the best and most affordable summer program I have seen for the children including weekly field-trips and activities. They also do preschool activities with the smaller children who are not in school. They have all been so wonderful to our children. I would and do recommend them to anyone who asks.

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