Look for signs of greatness for in your childcare center

Anyone looking for childcare knows how tough it can be.  Finding a place you can trust to give your children the love and attention they need is difficult.  Regardless if you’re looking for a new childcare center or just need to verify your current one measures up, there are definitely factors to help gauge the schools effectiveness. 

So what qualities set the best apart?  Here are some things the elite centers do that make them so good.

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Many of the best child care providers have incredible reputations.  Think about how specific parents are about the quality of care their children receive.  If they feel uncomfortable about the care, they will share their concerns with other parents.  So if a place has impressive reviews and recommendations, they certainly have earned it.

How are your children cared for when they are at the center?

What they feed the children is a great sign of the quality of a childcare center.  The best centers will serve fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables.  The food will be prepared in a way that will appeal to the children.  They will also limit the amount of processed foods that are served.

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One of the more underrated qualities in the best childcare centers are established ground rules.  While it's important for them to be flexible, consistancy will allow a smoother experience for parents.

Perhaps the most important part of any great childcare center is their curriculum.  Children need balance with how their time is spent.  A great curriculum will include a strong mix of play and study. The content and how it studied is equally important. 

What kind of activities and curriculum are employed at a childcare center?

Different children excel in different areas.  Finding a good balance between creative and analytical learning will give every child something they enjoy and can thrive in. It will also challenge them in areas they aren’t as comfortable in.  One thing that should be missing in a great curriculum is the excess use of movies and TV shows.  When used specifically for educational reasons they can be helpful. But as a general rule, sitting the children down in front of a TV for hours each day will hinder their development. 

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Of course, a great curriculum wouldn't be great without caring teachers. Just like having a balanced curriculum is important, so is having teachers who can work with children with differenct personalities.  Teachers that can relate to the children while maintaining clear boundaries will create great results.  The best teachers truly care for their children and it shows in their work.

Passionate teachers have well maintained classrooms.  The center should be clean and in good shape. The best centers will have quality classrooms that are decorated in a way that makes the children feel welcome and encourages creativity.  Think of how simple paint colors on the walls can completely alter the look and feel of a room in a house.  Then think about how differently children will feel based on how the school is decorated.

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