Our Philosophy

In 2004, we began our journey with “Ready-Set-Grow Preschool and Childcare”. It has been a joy to work with hundreds of outstanding children and families. Over the years, we have seen many children grow to become self-reliant, productive individuals.

We believe that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers, but when parents are working, they face a big decision - none bigger than early education. Our teachers are well trained to provide safety and well-being, support, limits, and affection to every child in their care. Teachers provide learning, not only through role modeling, but through small group activities, centers, and hands-on activities. We believe that respectful, caring bonds with children and their families are the necessary foundation for a wonderful early childhood experience.

Our top priority is to provide children with a calm, nurturing environment, where the warmth and comfort of the surroundings will ensure they feel safe, loved, and capable to meet their full developmental potential. Children quickly feel a sense of community and belonging. We feel that a “constant and predictable” experience is important in this process..   

We believe that children learn best when they are having fun! Children are not able to sit and wait for long periods of time. We make learning a fun and enjoyable experience throughout the day by offering child-centered, play-based learning experiences. We also believe that children need the freedom to make their own choices and so we provide opportunities for self-guided exploration in an atmosphere where students can create, question, learn, practice, make mistakes and imagine.  

We strive to be an example of positive values. We teach a character-building skill each week, such as honesty, gratitude, kindness and compassion. Children begin to recognize and value their individuality and respect differences in others. We aim to inspire children to embrace challenges and find joy and self-worth through achievement.   

Pick Up

Each day we drop off and/or pick up to 6 different elemantary schools in Davis county. 

4meals & snacks

An apple a day...plus quite a few tasty items!  See what healthy snacks and meals your child will be eating.

state certified & insured

We are State Certified and Insured.  We care about the safety of your child!