Our Curriculum

We have a complete, comprehensive curriculum that our director and preschool teacher have developed. Each month we introduce a new number, shape, color, and character trait. Each week the children learn a new letter. We base our lessons and activities on weekly themes, such as, ”All About Me” or “On The Farm”. We also introduce our children to new authors and illustrators as we read theme-related books. View our complete curriculum here!

Our toddler groups are busy and happy children. Children develop important early childhood skills, such as learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. They learn to recognize their names and enjoy “hands-on” learning. Pre-writing skills, such as tracing letters and coloring, help prepare them for preschool. Fine-motor activities, like puzzles, sorting and lace-ups, are easily accessible and teach both math and literacy skills. The children do creative art projects and love seeing them displayed around the room! They enjoy playing outside on the playgrounds with friends. In the winter, when outside play is limited, the children dance and sing with the teachers. Music and movement is a big part of each day! Each month, we introduce them to the monthly life skill by using the “Best Behavior” book series.

Our preschool classrooms are “swimming” with inquisitive children! The rooms are divided into ten Learning Centers: Science & Discovery; Creative Arts; Sand/Water Table; Library; Music and Movement; Construction Zone; Dramatic Play; Table Toys - Fine Motor Manipulatives; Writing and Listening Station. We review daily the weekly themes as well as the monthly letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and life skills. The children learn to follow classroom rules, write their names, and do “active listening”. Each month we teach the children life skills, such as working through anger, gratitude, and kindness. We use the “Learning to Get Along” Series by Cherie Meiners. These Lessons prepare children for life and for kindergarten.

Our school-aged classroom is filled with a dynamic group of children that join us after school! Teachers are available to provide extra help and encouragement with homework. The children play inside and outside daily, weather permitting.


Our summers are packed with adventures! Read about them here!

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Pick Up

Each day we drop off and/or pick up to 6 different elemantary schools in Davis county.