Our three year old children are curious and love to learn about the world around them. The GARDEN-THEMED classroom is open to the outside world through the glass paneled walls. This allows the children to watch as the seasons change. They have a wide variety of options during play time including dress-ups and baby dolls, blocks and duplos, magnets and other building materials. They learn to recognize their names and enjoy "hands-on" learning. Pre-writing skills, such as tracing letters and coloring, help prepare them for preschool. There is a bathroom attached to allow the children to use it with assistance. 

The children play outside daily (weather permitting) in our two large yards. Each yard is equipped with large sandboxes, large trees to provide shady areas, trikes, basketball hoops, and so much more! Our back yard also has a "big-toy", a music station, and a lovely deck under a large shady tree. 

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